Built in 1842 the historic Simmstown Manor has lots to offer. The house was originally built by Harvey McElroy for his daughter, Mariah McElroy Simpson. The original owners were devastated by the Civil War and the property was then sold to John Simms. John Simms had amassed a great amount of wealth prior to the war and unlike many others was able to sustain it during the war and use it to purchase the sizable brick mansion and the surrounding lands. After a few years he owned the 2400 acres surrounding the great house. The Simms family completed a two story wing on the north side of the house and moved in in 1868. The house held many grand parties and entertainments during the Simms’ time and often opened its doors to the most prosperous and socially prominent families around. When John Simms wife, Sarah Celclia Simms, died in 1895 he surveyed his 2400 acres of land and divided it among each of his five surviving children. His youngest child, Mary Simms Smith was given Simmstown as her part of the property divide and her father continued to live with her until his death. Upon Mr. Simms' death Mary kept the house and it was passed through the family until 1983 when Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Kelly Jr., the great grandson of Mr. Simms decided to sell the house to the current owner, Mr. Larry Hodge. The house and grounds both went through an extensive renovation with efforts to keep historical aspects in as many ways possible.